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When we settled on the East side of the Hudson for our house hunting back in 2015, we drove up and down NY9G, a major highway linking some of the small towns we visited. It looked like there had been a restaurant in Tivoli, then it was gone. Then there was a sign “Coming Soon:  Jaeger Haus” promising German food and a beer garden. We thought about it every time we went North on 9G, until FINALLY some progress seemed to have been made. And then came the day when I was returning from Hudson, and ran into the house to announce to Lew “Jaeger Haus is open!”  Lew responded by declaring his undying love for “schnitzel, spätzle and strudel.” OK, he declared it A LOT. But if there is anything more fun than SAYING “schnitzel, spätzle, and strudel” it’s finding an authentic spot to eat it.

And authentic Jaeger Haus is. My parents lived in Wiesbaden for seven years, and I got to know and appreciate the best of German food and atmosphere. For starters, we were greeted warmly by Andreas, the owner, and were treated to both the history of the restaurant and his restaurant career. As I walked through the place, I noticed that like many restaurants I went to in Germany, there was a casual area where people were talking and drinking beer, and then a quieter yet still casual dining room apart from that area.

interior dining room at jaeger haus

I appreciate the separation of bar and restaurant because it lends itself to conversation while dining. And like virtually EVERY restaurant I went to with my parents, our waitress Kristin was dressed in “uniform”: neat white blouse, black skirt and tights, and sturdy shoes. In Germany, wait staff are deemed professionals, and take great pride in their hospitality careers.

She proved to be quite solicitous, waiting until our friends Anne and David arrived to take our drink order (there’s a full bar, so if you are not a beer drinker, you’ll find something) and then making sure that the cocktails were being prepared;  delivering them on time, and checking to see that they were to our satisfaction. The wine and beer lists are short but contain a mixture of local and German beers.  We had no problem finding something for everyone. And we never felt rushed.

Wonderful rye bread, homemade, yeasty, dense, and heavy — and served warm — was brought to the table with our drinks.  We especially enjoyed the butter, served room temperature.

rye bread

The menu, again authentic, lent itself to some serious punning at the table (the liquor probably helped). After banter involving “what’s the wurst that could happen?” “for better or wurst” and such, we got down to serious ordering. For appetizers we chose 2 large Bayern pretzels served with both mustard and an obatzda cheese spread.   Definite crowd pleasers!

german pretzel





We also ordered the sauerkraut fritters with bacon, kielbasa, and cheese served with a paprika aioli. sauerkraut and bacon fritters

The menu is quite extensive and features (in addition to three types of schnitzel) a variety of wursts, fish, pork shank, sauerbraten, and a vegetarian spätzle with cheese and bread crumbs (yes, even vegetarians are indulged here!). We wanted to experience as many different things as we could, so our table became laden with sauerbraten, chicken schnitzel, Currywurst and  bratwurst. Each was accompanied by authentic and savory sides such as creamed cabbage, potato dumplings, and spätzle.

Here is a photo of the chicken schnitzel.   Lew loved it along with the spätzle but the real treat on that plate was the creamed cabbage!chicken schnitzel

I LOVED the red cabbage and potato dumplings that accompanied my sauerbraten (a perfect entrée for a very cold and snowy evening):sauerbratern











Tori and David both ordered the currywurst.  These weinerwursts were served smothered in a curry sauce and accompanied by an enormous plate of fries.   Our only quibble with our entire dining experience at Jaeger Haus is that the dish should have included sauerkraut.   We solved that by ordering some on the side.

Anne ordered the brautwurst, which was served with sauerkraut — and a tasty potato puree:


The schnitzels were crispy, the wursts were pronounced delicious, and my sauerbraten was dotted with pink peppercorns that added the perfect zip. Portions were very generous although I was the only one who had enough left over to take home for the next day (ate the sauerbraten at 9 am because I was craving it!).

We were told to leave room for dessert (after all Lew had to have his strudel) so of course we did. We sampled three:  an outstanding warm apple strudel served with whipped cream; Schwarzwaler, a dense chocolate cake filled with cherries and whipped cream;  and Windbeutal, lovely light cream puffs served with strawberry schlagsahne and a caramel sauce!































Jaeger Haus is the newest restaurant we’ve been to, and it’s the kind of place that you really want to succeed. Andreas, the owner, clearly knows and loves what he’s doing (he owned three restaurants in Manhattan) and knows how to please customers with good food, large helpings, and variety. Whether you want to hang out at the bar (there’s a TV with sporting events shown) or have a full dinner, Jaeger Haus will look after you and make sure you leave full and happy.

Know Before You Go:

Jaeger Haus’ website is actually their Facebook page. You can see the menu, leave messages (which are promptly answered) and check hours/news.

Don’t expect low lights and intimate tables. This is a typical German farm style restaurant. The Food and service are the main features.  It is quiet and you can carry on a conversation at a normal level, which we appreciate!

Parking is EXCELLENT. Big lot, lots of spaces.

Reservations are recommended. We were particularly impressed with Andreas’ call to us in the afternoon not only to confirm our time but to let us know that despite the weather he would be open. HV residents are a hardy lot.


  1. spoonbeams

    Great review of a special restaurant. Try the stringbean salad, potato pancake and trout, and their twist on a burger on a bun but be sure to leave room for dessert even if you have to pack up half of your dinner for take out. That’s what I do. Desserts are wonderful.

  2. Gail

    I went to Jaeger Haus last week and had the trout. It was perfectly prepared and delicious. When it was served I thought I would never be able to finish it, but it was so wonderful I ate every bit. There was a burger on the menu that one of my friends had, and she raved about that! Deserts were fabulous too!


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Jaeger Haus
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Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday:   3PM-9PM
Friday and Saturday:  3PM-930PM
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