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We are Jacqui and Lew Rose. We are not foodies. We’re eaters. Lew has fond memories of his “steak and potato” childhood, whereas Jacqui channels the line from an old TV show “The first thing I remember liking that liked me back was food.” Our most memorable dates were spent exploring restaurants in Washington, DC and its environs. And our marriage, in the early days, was marked by dinner parties at our Maryland home prepared by Jacqui from start to finish. Unless, of course, it was the season for grilling. Lew is an outstanding outdoor cook, and prides himself on the ability to get every person’s steak cooked correctly, no matter how many guests are in residence. Jacqui is the indoor person, obsessed with emptying every color of printer ink because of the number of recipes she finds (and catalogs, but that’s another issue). To her, cooking is relaxation. And entertaining is enervating. Few people can pinpoint the exact moment they know they’ve found their soulmate, but if you ask Jacqui about it she’ll tell you the story of a morning when she looked at Lew and said “I don’t know what’s wrong with me; I could eat anything that’s not nailed down,” and Lew promptly jumped up and replied “Want me to fire up the grill? I’ll make you a cheeseburger.”

How did we end up in the Hudson Valley? As John Lennon famously said “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Lew thought about retiring at the end of 2014 and he was tasked by Jacqui to find the appropriate spot. We first headed to the Outer Banks (Jacqui crossing her fingers all the while that this would NOT be the location) and found it perfect for families with young kids-empty nest couples not so much. Then a week in Maine convinced us that North was the ticket-although not THAT far North. Lew suggested the Hudson Valley, where Jacqui had visited and camped as a child (memories of the Concord and Camp Che-Na-Wah) and Lew had spent winter vacations at The Pines Hotel back in the day. We hadn’t been there since childhood, but that didn’t stop Lew from renting a house for the month of August, 2015, in Palenville.

Of course, he DIDN’T retire, and in fact we moved to Manhattan unexpectedly (and happily) in February 2015. But the Hudson Valley held our hearts, and we spent the month of August visiting over 25 houses spanning several counties. While Lew sought to pay tribute to his hippie roots by yearning for Woodstock, a medical emergency led us to the superior facilities in Dutchess County, and Jacqui insisted on a home designed for the long-term on the East side of the river. And thus we arrived in Red Hook, NY. That’s Red Hook 12571, NOT Red Hook, Brooklyn. Important distinction, particularly when googling restaurants to review.

So, really, who are we? Just a couple, like any other couple, albeit one who really likes to eat! We have never owned or run a restaurant and neither of us have been in the food business (with the exception of Jacqui’s exemplary waiting and bartending stints during college). We have no special expertise in restaurant reviews. Jacqui recently retired after a career that included law school career placement, law firm recruiting, human resources for a large national consulting firm and trade association, AND owning a yarn shop. She now volunteers at the Job Center at New York Public Library’s SIBL coaching and giving workshops, as well as working with the Career Development Office at Bard College when upstate. Lew is a life-long attorney with a national law firm headquartered in Manhattan.

We will only include reviews of restaurants that we can heartily recommend. If we do not have a good experience at a restaurant, we won’t include it at Dishing Hudson Valley. Quite simply, we believe there is too much negativity around these days, and we don’t want to add to it. Want us to review yours? Hit the “Seat Us” tab and we’ll get back to you quickly! Like the write ups? Let Jacqui know. Think the photos are fabulous? Tell Lew and make his day.

“We will only include reviews of restaurants that we can heartily recommend. If we do not have a good experience at a restaurant, we won’t include it at Dishing Hudson Valley. Why? Quite simply, there’s too much negativity these days, and we’re going to focus on places we recommend.”

If you’re reading this and you’re a restaurant that wants our review, contact us via “Seat Us”. We’d love to visit your place of business.

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