Yum Yum Noodle Bar — Red Hook, NY

When a restaurant has the sass to call itself “Yum Yum”, you expect it to be…well..yummy. I’m happy to report that Yum Yum Noodle Bar in Red Hook merits its eponymous name.

The newest arrival on the Red Hook restaurant scene, it occupies the corner spot previously housing Bread and Bottle. The location is perfect for its spacious and clean design, with plenty of street parking and catty corner to the free municipal lot.

Lew and I perused the menu on line and ordered by phone, since it was a cold and rainy day and we had movies to watch at home. There are plenty of choices at Yum Yum for both appetizers and entrees. A signature concept is the ability to create one’s own noodle bowl from a variety of proteins, veggies, and even noodle types. We ignored that this time, however, because he was craving Pad Thai and I desperately wanted one good kung pao without having to return to Manhattan. And the list of appetizers only had to name “Steamed Buns” and I read no further.  Our order was set.

Once inside, I was impressed by the ample seating, spacious bar (wine and beer), and blackboard specials. The order was ready as I walked in (major points here) and given to me by smiling and relaxed staff (you can see one waving when I introduced myself as a food blogger). My car smelled WONDERFUL on the short ride home.



Let’s start with the steamed buns. We chose a pork belly filling and the two substantial buns were perfect. If I had eaten both I could have stopped there, but the choices of a food blogger are not always hers. So on to the entrees.

I’m pleased (very pleased) to report that both the pad thai and the kung pao were prepared with a delicate touch and did not, as they often do, suffer from an excess of oil. While the kung pao was spicier than we expected, we weren’t unhappy about that (I would encourage you to ask for milder spice if you are so inclined).

And the pad thaI had eight large shrimps as well as plenty of peanuts (again, you could ask that these be left out) and lime quarters for extra freshness.

Portions were generous (enough for leftovers that will probably be consumed under the guise of an “afternoon snack”) but not so gargantuan that I felt like I was committing the sin of gluttony.

The young woman behind the counter recommended the key lime pie and I was tempted.  However, Lew and I are trying to lose a few vacation pounds, so I declined. But I’m not sure I’ll have the peace of mind to do that next time. And there will be a next time at Yum Yum. Many next times.  Yum Yum also has noodle bars in Woodstock and Kingston for those across the river seeking excellent diverse Asian bar food

Know Before You Go:

The website and the blackboard inside each restaurant list weekly specials. Different locations have different specials.

There’s a children’s menu with smaller portions. This is a good choice for families.

Check out the cute town of Red Hook when you’re there. It’s Mayberry to Rhinebeck’s Mt. Pilot. Lots of small boutiques with new age flair catering to Bard students and visitors. And on many Saturdays there’s a Farmer’s Market at the Community Center, a short stroll away. They’ve got a facebook page with the dates of the markets.

About half a block away is a terrific natural food grocery store: Red Hook Natural Foods (the town like appropriately named shops!). Wide variety of organic and natural foods and products fairly priced.


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7496 S Broadway, Red Hook, NY 12571
(845) 835-6383

Hours of operation:
Open everyday for lunch and dinner from 11:30am to 10pm

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